Clothes… And again clothes…

So, this is my third collection.

Stylish women’s top made of lightweight material for the summer season.
Each style of short dresses has its own colors that help to present the outfit in the most favorable light. The simpler the style of the light short dress, the more contrasting the accessories can be.

Body – a universal element of women’s wardrobe, has recently become incredibly popular. Today, it is experiencing its rebirth: for many, it simultaneously replaces the tank top, blouse, underwear, and top.

Body can be worn with almost anything. It is especially suitable for thin and slender girls, highlighting the advantageous figure. The simplest black knit bodysuit can replace any dark top, becoming an excellent complement to your favorite skinny jeans.

Summer, hot weather and shorts for that!

It is worth go out in a more or less warm time of the day and year, and you run the risk of meeting dozens of women in your sleeping area who wear torn jeans with holes in their knees. 😁😁😁 At the same time, they are not at all poor, and in general they can look neat and even respectable. 😏

By the way, on this occasion I have one funny story! I know one person from Russia, older people often joke around there and say something like: “What, dogs have bitten?” 😶

Let’s go back to the bodysuit! Variant of long sleeves can be worn under jeans or a miniskirt for a more complete look. Perhaps the only thing you should not wear a bodysuit with leggings.

And again… Lace bodysuit can be worn with evening pants or a skirt, boldly going in such a manner to a solemn event.

Your must-have outfit in 2019 should be trousers in a cage of dark classic colors: gray or black in combination with red.

Wear plaid pants with plain tops, blouses, pullovers, jackets and coats.

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