6 summer trends in America

What will be fashionable in America in august 2019? Summer is the brightest season in the world. Women of fashion take off black jackets, jeans and get their best outfits. New York designers go hunting and roam the streets of the Big Apple for hours watching street fashionists. Many of them admit that it is in this way that they draw inspiration for new collections. High fashion, vintage prints and futurism – all this falls into the melting pot of the American fashion industry.

  1. Fringe

The fringe has unexpectedly returned this season. But not in the festival version, but in a more balanced and thoughtful. It can be made from any material – from leather to woolen threads. Most often, the fringe can be seen on dresses, but not only. Singer Rihanna recently appeared in fringed boots. Bags and belts are also decorated in this way. Fringe at the same time brings us to remember the era of the “Great Gatsby” hippie culture and boho style.

Картинки по запросу fringe fashion

2. Sparkles
Another bright accent this summer. Glitter unexpectedly appeared in the collections of Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford. Sequins and glitter can be seen not only in evening dresses. This summer, sparkles are appropriate both at work and on a walk. For a more daily option, combine them with sweatshirts and knitwear.

Картинки по запросу sparkles fashion

3. Fuchsia and yellow
No summer is complete without bright colors. This year the most popular colors of the season are fuchsia and yellow. Fuchsia – a more intense and vibrant color than pink, popular last season – has appeared in the collections of many American designers. One of them is Tom Ford. He released the whole collection in fuchsia color. Another favorite of the summer is a shade of yellow called Meadowark. This color resembles the color of some species of larks and is great for the summer. If you do not want to fully dress in yellow, then you can choose only one detail of the wardrobe – for example, yellow pants. Yellow is well combined not only with neutral colors (black, white and gray), but also with contrasting colors – blue and red.

Картинки по запросу fuchsia fashion

4. Cherry
And although floral prints, apparently, will never go out of fashion, they are pretty much fed up with many. Fashionistas of America this summer flowers preferred cherry. Cherry prints are decorated with dresses, T-shirts, swimsuits, bags and shoes. Fashionable vintage print can be seen on the streets, on the pages of magazines and Instagram.

Картинки по запросу cherry fashion

5. Shorts
The most important thing in this summer are shorts, that are not only for schoolgirls and students, but also for more adult women. However, we are not talking about very short denim shorts. This summer in the fashion will be a classic cut shorts made of good fabric. These shorts can be sewn to order in the studio. Be sure that they will serve you for years.

Картинки по запросу shorts fashion

6. Сolored lenses
Just as good clothes emphasize your individual style, accessories complement your look. Futuristic colored lenses sunglasses are another fashion accessory for this summer. The most popular colors are sky blue and yellow. Unusual design of the rim and oversight at the peak of popularity. In the fashion as aviator glasses, and super-slim glasses in the style of the heroes of the “Matrix”.

Картинки по запросу colored lenses in glasses fashion

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